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The ABX-5 has Dante inputs and converts them to Fohhn Airea signals or AES/EBU. This means that several speakers can be operated with a single Dante card.

Main features

  • Input: Dante (2 × RJ-45, primary and secondary input for redundant applications)
  • Integrated Dante Brooklyn II module
  • 1000Base-T Ethernet connection
  • Outputs: Fohhn Airea (RJ-45), AES / EBU (XLR), Fohhn Net (RJ-45)
  • Fohhn Net control signals are tunneled through Dante
  • Power supply-free operation with Fohhn Airea


Fohhn technologies

Possible interfaces

Technical data

Physical features

dimensions (w × h × d)
105 × 45 × 70 mm

Electronic features

audio inputs
Dante Primary / Secondary
audio outputs
AES/EBU 24 Bit / 48 kHz, Airea-Net
support for AES67
power supply
wall wart 12 V – 48 V DC / 5 W, AIREA-NET 48 V
power consumption
4 W, Airea-Net Load max. 5 W


Fohhn Net
1 × RJ-45
DC input
DC input for wall wart power supply
Dante input
2 × RJ-45 (1000Base-T Ethernet Port)
AES/EBU output
1 × XLR male
1 × RJ-45 out

Display LEDs

power LED
green = on (front and back)
send LED
FOHHN-NET send = yellow
receive LED
FOHHN-NET receive = green

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