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Minister-President Kretschmann Visits Fohhn

On July 31, 2020 Winfried Kretschmann visited our new company building in Nürtingen. During the tour, the Minister-President spent a considerable amount of time getting to know our products, the Fohhn software, and new technologies. He expressed his delight in the subsequent conversation.

Before touring the company premises, Samuel Hartmann presented the new Fohhn Designer software in the reception area, which enables the precise simulation and planning of Fohhn systems in all room models. Mr. Kretschmann watched and listened to an example from the Coptic cathedral in Cairo.

The next stop was the electronics production area, where it was demonstrated how all systems through to the amplifiers are manufactured on site. The issue surrounding face shields was raised again when the production line for loudspeaker models was visited. After the Covid-19 outbreak started, Fohhn used 3D printers from the manufacture of prototypes to produce face shields for a community project. A total of 6,000 of the special masks were distributed to medical personnel and aid organizations. Kretschmann praised the company’s civic engagement and thanked Fohhn Audio AG for being one of the companies that helped the country get out of a tight spot during the crisis.

The Minister-President together with some other invited guests then visited the Fohhn SoundLab, where they were immersed in jungle sounds by means of a 3D sound system. Fohhn experts Chris Bollinger and Ralf Freudenberg also demonstrated electronic room reverberation. This is a digital system that can change the acoustic characteristics of the rooms. The SoundLab was thus converted into a cathedral, where two musicians with a violin and a cello performed a classical piece of music – and much to the delight of the Minister-President it was an aria from his favourite opera “The Marriage of Figaro.”

Kretschmann was amazed by the company: “You have really impressed me. I am completely enthralled.” He went on to say that Fohhn not only manufactures good hardware, but that the company is also a trailblazer in the digital revolution. The visit made him optimistic: “This is the kind of company that underpins Baden-Württemberg’s prosperity and good reputation.”

And not least, he also praised the employees at Fohhn. He noted that the company had a great working atmosphere, and that it was evident that everyone enjoyed working here, in part due to the fact that the company produces real quality products and not just cheap gadgets.

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Fohhn Audio AG

Fohhn develops and builds innovative audio system solutions for mobile applications and fixed installations.

In our innovative sound systems, mechanics, acoustics and electronics form one unit and we have been using self-developed digital technologies since 1993. Our Fohhn Beam Steering Systems are available in all conceivable sizes as well as a wide range of sound point sources, line source speakers, line arrays, ceiling speakers, high-performance amplifiers, accessories and software. Therefore we provide optimal solutions for a wide variety of application areas – from a small conference room to live PA in large halls and stadia. We are a genuine partner for our customers over the entire project run-time – from planning to acoustic simulation and calibration, to on-site project completion. At Fohhn, optimum visual integration meets the best sound quality, simple operation and bespoke sound system concepts. Furthermore, our research, development and production exclusively take place in Nuertingen – all products are made in Germany.

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