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Partner Event 2020

The Partner Event at Fohhn's headquarter

Fohhn would like to thank all exhibiting companies for their wonderful co-operation during the 2020 Partner Event. We would like to thank all visitors for coming and for their positive feedback.

A Partner Event took place from 20 to 23 July at the new Fohhn Audio AG company building, together with Shure, Epson, Sharp, Crestron, Holzmedia, smartPerform, WolfVision and Unilumin.

The main event topics were the standardisation and digitisation of meetings, conferences, communication and education. The manufacturer network presented innovative technologies and products that meet the new requirements for media technology in modern industry communication. Variable room use and changed areas of application, digitisation, teamwork and the connection of sites require new solutions and concepts to standardise communication technologies. The manufacturers met system integrators, consultants and end customers in small, coronavirus-compliant groups, adhering to all hygiene measures, thus creating an informative and welcoming event.

Please visit our YouTube channel to find short presentations given by the exhibitors at the Partner Event.

Another highlight was the demonstration of sound systems in the recently completed Fohhn showroom - the SoundLab. We would also like to thank JB Lighting for their illumination of the demonstration and presentation of the new products.

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Fohhn Audio AG

Fohhn develops and builds innovative audio system solutions for mobile applications and fixed installations.

In our innovative sound systems, mechanics, acoustics and electronics form one unit and we have been using self-developed digital technologies since 1993. Our Fohhn Beam Steering Systems are available in all conceivable sizes as well as a wide range of sound point sources, line source speakers, line arrays, ceiling speakers, high-performance amplifiers, accessories and software. Therefore we provide optimal solutions for a wide variety of application areas – from a small conference room to live PA in large halls and stadia. We are a genuine partner for our customers over the entire project run-time – from planning to acoustic simulation and calibration, to on-site project completion. At Fohhn, optimum visual integration meets the best sound quality, simple operation and bespoke sound system concepts. Furthermore, our research, development and production exclusively take place in Nuertingen – all products are made in Germany.

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