Speed of Sound

Waterproof, reliable, powerful.

At Fohhn, we understand what matters when it comes to audio installations at amusement parks. And it’s rather a lot: the speakers must be able to withstand all weather conditions, be absolutely reliable and low-maintenance, they must be easy to install and operate, be aesthetically discrete and, of course, offer flawless sound quality.

Our installations at various well-known parks have already proven that our renowned line source speakers made from robust aluminium and other all-weather loudspeakers, e.g. from our Arc Series, can fulfil the highly demanding requirements of such applications.

The high performance offered by our products plays a special role in this. They can be used to create effective sound systems easily, even for large spaces. The 100 V output of many of our speakers and digital amplifiers allows for easy installation. To avoid disrupting the carefully designed aesthetic of the park, all of our speakers are also available in custom colours (RAL classic, Pantone, NCS). Thanks to Fohhn Texture Design, the aluminium housing is even available with photorealistic coatings.

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