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Discrete design, crystal-clear sound

The requirements of sound systems in churches could not be any higher. The grand naves with their enormously high ceilings and smooth stone and glass facades can result in extreme reverberation times. Fohhn has successfully created solutions for this challenge for many years and has already provided equipment for places of worship all over the world.

The excellent directivity of the speaker columns offers the ideal solution for tricky acoustic situations. With Fohhn Beam Steering Technology, the dispersion can also be controlled precisely via software, without the need to adjust the tilt angle of the speaker mechanically. The sound is directed precisely towards the congregation and disruptive reflections are reduced to a minimum, which can significantly improve speech intelligibility.

The slim columns are also incredibly easy to integrate. For instance, they can be placed in niches and produced in a colour that matches the wall. Be it a RAL classic colour or something from the Pantone/NCS colour catalogues – here at Fohhn, we can fulfil all manner of special requests. Fohhn Texture Design can also be used to create photorealistic surfaces, e.g. with a marble effect.

Moreover, many of our speakers and amplifiers support 100-volt applications. This means that you can often use the existing cables to operate the system.

As such, products from Fohhn not only offer fantastic sound, but can also be incorporated discretely into the building and preserve its historical integrity.

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