Focus-Series: Fohhn Beam Steering Technology.

1. Linea Focus

Our award-winning Linea Focus products redefine the concept of sound reinforcement in complex acoustic conditions. These active, electronically inclinable line source speakers have been specially developed to enable intelligent and target-oriented sound coverage in venues that have the most difficult acoustic conditions, thereby achieving the best possible sound results. Using intuitive software, both the vertical dispersion characteristics and the inclination angle of the loudspeaker beam can be precisely adjusted – in real time – to perfectly suit to the room’s acoustic conditions.

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2. Focus Modular

Modular line array systems with beam steering capability. Powerful, high-performance, high frequency modules with 1’’ compression drivers, Waveguide and horn can be combined with low-mid modules to meet the exact requirements of different sized venues and acoustic situations.
With their compact dimensions and elegant appearance, Focus Modular systems are remarkable for their ability to achieve enormous reach, excellent levels of speech intelligibility and a powerful musical sound. The vertical dispersion and inclination angle of each beam can be adjusted in real time using intuitive control software, enabling the sound to be perfectly tailored to the room acoustics. Ideal for use in conference rooms, theatres, exhibition halls, cathedrals, concert halls etc. Designed for mobile and fixed installation applications.

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3. Focus Sub Array

Focus Sub Array technology enables the combination of multiple Fohhn subwoofers to form vertical, horizontal or endfire bass arrays, which can be precisely controlled using Fohhn Audio Soft software. For further information please contact our planning engineers Frank Strohmer and Oliver Mack.

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